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Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator Review

Rand McNally IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator

Rand McNally IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator

Everyone knows when you’re a trucker, you need a reliable truck navigator to avoid difficult roads that always seem to put your schedule back. Let us tell you a secret there is one navigator that stands out the Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator and it’s giving Garmin a run for their money.

What makes this GPS system unique is that it’s not only a mapping unit but a solution to every trucker on the road!


Why all Truckers need the Rand McNally TND730

What makes the Rand McNally TND730 so unique is that it connects to Wi-Fi to your Smartphone and great to download weather, map, traffic, and fuel price updates while out on the long road. This is a great feature to have if you’re a trucker, especially when driving into different states.

The product measures 7.3 x 0.8 x 4.5-inches, weighs 11.7 ounces, and comes complete with a visually crisp display. With the GPS available, you can input and alter your destination data and the maps. Included with your purchase you receive the navigator, a windshield mount with a suction cup, vehicle charger, USB cable and a quick start guide.

Some of the standout characteristics you will note on the TND730 are a battery power indicator light that informs you when the device is charging or when the battery is low. It has a power button to switch the device on/off and while on the button gives, you access to some of the great features. You can connect the unit to an external speaker or connect it to a backup camera via the video input.

For adding additional map data, it has a micro SD card slot and a mini USB port to connect it to a charging device. To restart the device, it includes a reset button and cancels out all the information loaded into the unit.

Key Features

One of the most liked features is RoadWork as it provides you with real-time information on road construction taking place when planning a route. The device includes truck content with ample information from truck stops you find along your route, driving data, miles traveled, and other important information. Another advanced feature found on the unit’s the lane guidance.

This helps you to make a route decision and helps avoid traffic. It has a fast processor and plan routes fast while presenting you graphical map displays. You can even set a warning for sharp curves and hills or navigate while using junction view. You can view your current mile market or optimize trips with the multi-stop routing.

Another great feature is that you can find truck services, rest areas, points of interest, manage timers, and keep a fuel log and more with the content and tool search. You can even view toll costs or compare the routes in avoiding toll payments. With the Rand McNally TND730, you receive a lifetime map update and you can use the online trip planner while setting points to download to your TND.

Benefits and Features:

  • The Rand McNally TND730 has a slim design with fast route calculations,
  • Keep track of the fuel with the fuel logger,
  • Connect the device to Wi-Fi to receive real-time fuel prices, weather, and live local search,
  • It is compatible with the HD100 and gives you electronic logging with vehicle inspection reporting,
  • With the video input, you can connect it with a backup camera,
  • Backup the device manually with the RMDock software,
  • It comes with an updated switchable skin for a more classical look,
  • It gives you advanced lane guidance, view toll costs, compares routes without tolls and lifetime maps,
  • Via the optional dock station you can receive real-time traffic and comes with enhanced warning for speed limit changes, steep hills, time zone changes, and sharp curves,
  • It has a local search to find points of interest anywhere with team driving that tracks two different drivers – and automatically selects between US metrics and standards,
  • With RoadWork you get help in avoiding construction on roads you’re traveling and the enhanced routing helps you save time and money on fuel,
  • You can input and change your destination data and the maps
  • Included with your purchase you receive the navigator, a windshield mount with a suction cup, vehicle charger, USB cable and a quick start guide.
  • It has a 7-inch touchscreen color display and measures 7.3 x 0.8 x 4.5-inches, weighs 11.7 ounces, and
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

Customer Feedback

When you read some of the Rand McNally TND730 reviews from users, who have bought the device each one has their own feelings related to the unit. Some people love the fact that it’s packed with some great features such as the lifetime map updates, a point of interest, faster route calculation, local search options, and the RoadWork feature. Some clients are not pleased with the product as the device froze up or does not want to start up in very cold conditions.

Pros and Cons Related to the Rand McNally TND730


  • Has a great search function and with the POI you are able to find out if there is truck parking available at certain landmarks,
  • The lifetime map upgrades perfect,
  • It has a responsive screen and you can navigate through the device with ease,
  • The provided weather and construction warning alerts are superb and accurate,
  • It has a large visible screen,
  • The programs used by Rand’s easy to use


  • Does not include live traffic and you need to buy an additional receiver,
  • The mounting hardware does not come with a quick release


For any trucker, the Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator will make a great addition. It is loaded with some great features and has a durable build. Compared to the Garmin DEZL it displays more information and you can control what information you would like the device to display. The maps are updated regularly with the Wi-Fi connection and it has a superb graphical display for viewing maps. However, if you would like to compare the Garmin DEZL with the TND730 please feel free to read our Garmin DEZL review here before making a decision on which one to buy!


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