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TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS Navigator Review

Tomtom Rider Motorcycle gps Navigator Review

Tomtom Rider Motorcycle gps Navigator Review

When one looks at motorcycle GPS navigators Garmin has finally gotten a worthy challenge the TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS navigator. It has a solid build with excellent mapping and routing software with a reasonable price. Compared to the Garmin range that has many different motorcycle navigators to choose the TomTom range is finally catching up. Therefore, what makes this one so competitive let us have a look!


The TomTom RIDER Has Unique Features

The TomTom RIDER has a 4.3-inch touch screen and weighs 1.35 lbs compared to the Garmin range. For some motorbike riders, it may be a less attractive option when riding sports bikes. The nice thing about this navigator is the fact that it has a built-in sunshade. This is a great feature as when you’re riding it makes it easier to view the screen.

The other big help with this shade is that when it rains, it keeps the screen dry. You can adjust the brightness of the screen and it has a backlight with a diversity of map colors. The units approved for all types of weather and have an IPX7 rating against water.

The RIDER has an Intuitive Menu

When using the RIDER you will find that it has an intuitive menu and you will not be lost or confused when using it. It has a functional keyboard that is great to use even with gloves. It has some standout features dedicated to motorcyclists to make the ride less frustrating.

It has Winding Route software that you can choose to enjoy your bike to its fullest. You can use it to route plan and share it or draw up your custom routes by using planning software such as Tyre available for free to use. It has a massive database of maps that you can customize.

It has point of interest software such as directing you to the nearest gas station, motels, and restaurants but you will need to subscribe to these services. It can also keep you up to date with speed camera locations and has advanced lane guidance. By pairing your device with your Smartphone, you can get IQ Routes that is a superb service.

The service provides you with average time travel on roads at different times of the day and you can choose the best route. The device has a recorder available that records your rides that you can share with others. The TomTom RIDER connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone to make hands-free calls or receive spoken directions, but will need the Bluetooth headset for your helmet.

You have free lifetime map updates but not that versatile to use in your car. It does not have an SD card slot, but has a 1.5GB internal storage space. The models pre-loaded with all the latest maps of Canada and the United States. Installing the RIDER is easy as you receive the vibration proof RAM mounting hardware that fits most motorcycles.

You receive a bike dock that attaches the unit securely with a self-locking mechanism that you can quickly place or remove the device. The TomTom RIDER automatically charges when placed on the dock and works with your bike’s ignition.

It has up to 6-hours of battery, use that is great for the open road!


Tomtom Rider Motorcycle gps Navigator Features

Tomtom Rider Motorcycle gps Navigator Features

  • The TomTom RIDER has a dimension of 5.1 x 2.1 x 4-inches and weighs 1.35 lbs,
  • Included with your purchase you receive a charging motorcycle mount, USB cable for PC connection, USB port, and user manual,
  • It has a 4.3-inch touchscreen that is waterproof and has a sunshade and a backlight,
  • It has an internal storage of 1.5GB,
  • The screens glove-friendly,
  • The screens 16:9 resistive and has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels,
  • It has an average battery life of 4 – 6 hours,
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with a Bluetooth helmet set or your phone,
  • With the Bluetooth connected you can do hands-free calling and receive notifications,
  • The maps are always updated with the latest one as you receive free lifetime map updates,
  • You can plan your route with the device or even plan a thrill as it has winding route software available,
  • You can pre-plan your route with Tyre via your desktop,
  • It has Point of Interest to find new restaurants, gas stations, motels and more,
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty

Customer Feedback

When you look at the TomTom RIDER reviews available, you can see that users are pleased with the product. They love the fact that it interfaces well with the desktop and it has a nice screen. The only problem they have is the free lifetime map updates and they do not allow you to activate it online. This caused many customers to contact the supplier to help them with the update even after following the instructions available.


  • Excellent visibility when used in sunlight,
  • Spoken directions when paired with a headset,
  • Hands-free calling when paired with your mobile phone,
  • Excellent route quality,
  • Weatherproof


  • Has no internal speaker,
  • Some problems with updating the maps

Final Thoughts

Tomtom Rider Motorcycle gps Navigator

Tomtom Rider Motorcycle gps Navigator

If you’re looking for a GPS navigator for your motorcycle, the TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS navigator is a great choice. It allows you to use the touchscreen with your gloves on it is weatherproof and easy to use. It does not have a complicated menu compared to most other devices and has a superb route quality to plan your route ahead. Another great thing is the free.


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